University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Amanda Schoofs

Amanda SchoofsLecturer, Composition/Technology

Amanda Schoofs is a composer, experimental vocalist, and visual artist. Her compositions/painted scores explore the intimate relationship of substance and sound–unveiling extremes in breath/pitch, timbre/color, intensity/hue, text/nonsense, noise, and silence. They combine elements of traditional notation with raw mark and intuitive gesture to obtain balance in musical spontaneity and composition. As an improviser she pushes the limits of her voice through a dedicated exploration of extended techniques, play with subtle/intense fluctuations in timbre/texture, and nonsensical formations of phonemes/text. Her voice has been described as “ethereal . . . crystalline tones that cut through the space’s white noise, but also occasionally drop into a gut-bucket, field-holler growl” (Inside Milwaukee) and “brilliant wordless vocalizing” (express Milwaukee). Amanda is a lecturer in composition and theory at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. To hear/see more of her work visit