University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Loren Christopher Burns

Loren Christopher BurnsAssociate Professor, Music Composition and Technology
(414) 229-4393
Music 367

Christopher Burns is a composer, improviser, and multimedia artist. His instrumental chamber works weave energetic gestures into densely layered surfaces. Polyphony and multiplicity also feature in his electroacoustic music, embodied in gritty, rough-hewn textures. As an improviser, Christopher combines an idiosyncratic approach to the electric guitar with a wide variety of custom software instruments. Recent projects emphasize multimedia and motion capture, integrating performance, sound, and animation into a unified experience. Across all of these disciplines, his work emphasizes trajectory and directionality, superimposing and intercutting a variety of evolving processes to create form.

Both electronic and acoustic music are influenced by Christopher's work as a music technology researcher. His improvisation software designs incorporate a variety of unusual user interfaces for musical performance, and explore the application and control of feedback for complex and unpredictable sonic behavior. In the instrumental domain, he uses algorithmic procedures to create distinctive pitch and rhythmic structures and elaborate them through time. Christopher is also an avid archaeologist of electroacoustic music, creating and performing new digital realizations of classic music by composers including John Cage, György Ligeti, Alvin Lucier, Conlon Nancarrow, Luigi Nono, and Karlheinz Stockhausen. He has studied composition with Brian Ferneyhough, Jonathan Harvey, Jonathan Berger, Michael Tenzer, and Jan Radzynski.