University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Steve Nelson-Raney

Steve Nelson-RaneySenior Lecturer, Theory and Jazz Studies
BM, MM Bradley University

(414) 229-4393
Music 105

Steve Nelson-Raney co-directs the Contemporary Music Ensemble in the Department of Music. He is active as a composer and performer throughout the country in both jazz and contemporary music idioms. His solo performances as saxophonist and pianist have included two concerts in New York City. In 1979 Nelson-Raney founded Cody Records/Books as a means of documenting his work. Since that time, an LP, two cassettes and two compact disks have been released, as well as a published collection of his jazz works, SELECTED JAZZ COMPOSITIONS 1966-1994. Nelson-Raney's current work includes continuing his improvisations for saxophone and piano, composition in various mediums and collaboration with writers and visual artists. He performs regularly as saxophonist in three ensembles: Taqsim, a world music trio; Dreamtime, a jazz trio; Audiotrope, a free improvisation trio. In 1997 Nelson-Raney co-founded The Great Lakes Improvisation Project, which continues to present performances in the Milwaukee area.