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Music MM - Chamber Music Performance

This concentration is designed for the instrumentalist who is admitted by audition to the Leonard Sorkin International Institute of Chamber Music (ICM) at UW-Milwaukee. The major focus of the ICM is to provide professional training experiences in the performance of chamber repertoire through well-matched chamber ensembles from duos through large chamber ensembles. The student who successfully completes 24 specified credits and the recital requirement receives a Performer's Certificate from the Institute; the student who successfully completes 33 specified credits and the other degree requirements receives a Master of Music with a concentration in Chamber Music Performance. The Performer’s Certificate curriculum focuses on preparation for a performance career; the master’s degree also prepares students to pursue a terminal degree (doctorate) with the potential for a career in higher education in teaching and performance.

Students in the ICM are admitted for a two-year program of study. Students are either part of an existing chamber group before entrance or, when admitted, assigned to a group. If the first-year group does not continue for a second year, the student must re-audition for membership in a new or reconstituted group that is acceptable to the faculty in order to continue for a second year of study.

At the end of the first year, each student's performance is judged by the director of the Institute in consultation with the members of the ICM advisory committee. If a student does not meet the required performance level, the student is prevented from continuing in the Institute for a second year. The student may, if acceptable to the Department graduate faculty, choose to follow another graduate program in the Department.

The Leonard Sorkin International Institute of Chamber Music (ICM) offers a concentration in chamber music performance for advanced level graduate students and young professional musicians. This unique program prepares students for careers in performance with a combination of weekly masterclasses, coachings, and private lessons as well as financial and facility support. ICM students enjoy a rehearsal space and office dedicated to their use, mentors on self-management or advice on seeking professional management, and contest travel finances in addition to generous fellowships which pay tuition plus a modest stipend.

Typically, individual students form chamber ensembles such as string quartets or piano trios, give one group recital each semester, and use the repertoire from these recitals in outreach presentations, concerts, and competitions. Pre-formed groups are also encouraged to apply, but each member of the ensemble must pass the audition requirement for entrance into ICM individually.

The Certificate awarded by the Institute of Chamber Music at UW-Milwaukee is subject to gainful employment regulations

See Gainful Employment Certificate Disclosure Information.

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Director, Institute of Chamber Music


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