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Music Curious?

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University Band (MUS 31)
A concert band which performs concerts on and off campus. Designed as a continuing playing experience for students.

University Choir (MUS 45)
Large mixed chorus rehearses and performs choral masterpieces from all periods of choral literature, utilizing instrumentalists when appropriate. Voice placements during first week of each new semester.

American Popular Music (MUS 102)
A guide to understanding and enjoying American popular music from 1900 to the present. Students survey all popular genres and focus on chosen style.

Beginning Guitar (MUS 150)
Beginning class instruction on guitar as an accompanying instrument for folk and pop songs. Basic chording, strumming, and finger picking.

Jazz Ensemble (MUS 271)
A performance and laboratory group for the study of jazz ensemble techniques.

World Music (MUS 310)
Study of musical genres from selected world cultures with an emphasis on musical sound and structure, and performance in cultural context.

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