University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Recording Techniques & Technologies

A comprehensive look at the recording tools and techniques used by modern professionals and musicians, with real world demonstrations in every class.
  • Equipment: hands-on use of the gear found in today's recording studios
  • Recording: a step-by-step look at the recording process, from room acoustics to finalizing a mix
  • Microphones: get a grip on microphone selection, placement and proper use
  • Mixing & Mastering: understand the concepts behind the techniques the pros use
  • Equipment: choose the right equipment for the job, and learn what you do or don't need to buy
  • Post-production: learn about noise reduction, compression, equalization, and other post-production tools
  • Take home real recordings made during class for your own use
Kevin Schlei is a lecturer in the Department of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Please contact him for upcoming workshops.