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You love the arts as a patron, a promoter, or a performer. You sometimes clap so hard your hands hurt. You get choked up during a film or play that truly touches your soul. You're wowed by the aura created when music fills a recital hall. You stand and stare at a piece of art considering its multiple interpretations. You wish you could leap as high as that dancer. You marvel at the talent of young artists.

Sound like you?

Then make sure you check out all that UWM's Peck School of the Arts has to offer.

From the internationally-acclaimed Fine Arts Quartet to the unparalleled Institute for Visual Arts (Inova) to visiting national and international guest artists; from show-stopping dance performances to mainstage and "black box" theatrical performances to highly regarded films, the Peck School has it all.

All you need to do is access our online calendar of 350+ events, to start enjoying what we have to offer - at affordable ticket prices, or more often for FREE. You won't be disappointed.

And - we are constantly in the media and have good news to share. Jump over to our News Blog and find out the latest.