University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Powerful Artists Study at a Great University 

At the Peck School of the Arts, you will do much more than perfect your artistic skills and develop your aesthetic. You will learn and experience first-hand how artists like you help create a better world - not just by creating your stunning artwork and stellar performances, but also by encouraging others to think more clearly, feel more deeply, and explore unchartered territories of emotion, analysis and partnerships.

Research indicates studying the arts produces innovative and entrepreneurial students who are imaginative, persistent and confident. In addition to achieving great success and proven results in their field - art and design, dance, film, music, theatre or as arts educators, Peck School graduates also go on to become business leaders, inventors, engineers, and accountants.

Learn more about us and find out how a degree from the Peck School will enable your talent to develop as an artist while responding to today's increasing demand for creativity, inclusiveness and collaborations in the arts and/or through the arts.


The Peck School also offers more than 350 theatre, dance and musical performances, film screenings, art exhibitions and community-wide events every year. We have something for everyone - at affordable tickets prices, or more often for free! Learn more...