Brandon Bauer

Brandon Bauer is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Wisconsin. His practice involves the critical use of collage, montage, and appropriation, and the exploration of the contextual meaning of images and objects. Brandon has exhibited work in the Aces(s) electronic media festival in Pau, France, The European Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, and at Project 101 in Paris among several other national and international venues. Brandon's work has been produced in DVD editions, used as illustration for various editorial publications and books, and has been published in poster editions. Brandon also currently co-produces a broadcast video art program through Milwaukee Public Access channel 96.

Brandon co-edited the book Peace Signs: the Anti-War Movement Illustrated, published in two editions and released in 2004. Gustavo Gili of Barcelona Spain published the Spanish language edition, and Edition Olms based in Zurich Switzerland published an English, French, and German language edition. In 2003 A DVD of Brandon's early experimental video titled: Signaldrift: a day under the city was released by the Paris based video art label Lowave. In 2009 the noise label FTAM released a DVD of Brandon?s collaborations with noise musician Peter J. Woods titled Hungry Ghosts.

Interview with Brandon Bauer by Nathaniel Stern: