Eric Beining

Using his camera to explore themes of identity and sexuality, Eric often exploits his own image to convey his message. This process began during his undergraduate career at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay where he received a Bachelor of Art in Photography in 2007 (as well as a BA in French in 2004).

Since his first photography class in 2005, Eric’s work has been exhibited in various venues in solo and group shows, as well as in juried exhibitions. Prints of his photographic works (as well as original drawings) are in several private collections and in the Lawton Gallery’s permanent collection at UW-Green Bay; and his work was published in the fall 2006 edition of “Sheepshead Review.” Eric has also received a scholarship for his works, and been recognized with Best in Show at the 2nd Annual NEW Pride Alive Juried Art Exhibition, among various other awards.

Eric is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Art degree at the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.