Helene Fischman

Helene is an artist and educator from Oakland, California. She holds a BFA in Painting from Boston University an MS in Education from California State University, Hayward and is currently an MFA candidate in interdisciplinary studio arts.

Focusing on the dynamic interaction of humans with their environment, Helene has done a series of site-specific artist residencies. She created two artist residencies in former WWII prison camps to explore a sense of Jewish identity within the confines of traumatic historical sites. Subsequently, to examine the relationship between people and nature, she has held artist residencies for photography, painting and poetry at National and State Parks in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana and Washington.

Currently, Helene is interested in the performance of identity in a cross-disciplinary, collaborative atmosphere. She leads a collective of artists and writers in Milwaukee called “Draw Write Here!” who travel as a group to different sites of social and cultural import, and collaboratively illustrate and write in response to their experiences. “Draw Write Here!” has two printed quarterly journals, and is beginning work now for the Fall 2015 journal.

Website: www.helenefischman.com