Kate Hewson

Kate Hewson is a modern dancer and artist based in Madison, WI. She has also lived and performed in Belgium, England, and South Africa, her country of origin. She has presented her own aerial and modern choreography and performed with Li Chiao-Ping Dance, Jin-Wen Yu Dance, Cycropia Aerial Dance, Cherry Pop Burlesque, Connolly Dance Company, Ballet Madison, the Madison Opera and in works by Jan Erkert, Claudia Melrose, and by many local Madison artists. Kate was a member of Cycropia Aerial Dance Company for five years, and teaches modern dance in the community. In fall of 2007 she presented her collaborative work RESIDENT.ALIEN. at the Out of TimeSpace conference at UCLA-Berkeley. She has a master's degree in Image Studies (Visual Culture) and a BA in French and International Studies. In addition, she is a freelance web designer and arts administrator, and runs an interdisciplinary arts residency program at UW-Madison.