Paige Porter

Educator, choreographer and artist, Paige is drawn to the anthropological and sociological nature of dance. With a background in multiple forms of movement, Paige specializes in the study of Jazz dance (with related styles) and it's relevance in current popular and dance culture. Paige serves on the Loyola Marymount University Theater Arts and Dance Department faculty (since 2002) and has devoted her time to creating and developing numerous facets of the Dance Program. Her teaching repertoire includes multiple levels of Jazz technique and performance, choreography and Jazz workshops, musical theater, and coaching for movement efficiency and enhancement. Through the lens of Jazz dance, Paige has focused on pedagogical studies and the responses of movers to language, environment, cultural conditioning and personal preferences. This has given her a unique perspective on the nature of those studying dance today. She strives to craft both classroom and performance experiences that include somatic oriented exploration with alternative methods to awaken dancers to new possibilities. She is proud to have created numerous programs that enhance the development and understanding of students in secondary and private sector environments, as well as in other movement disciplines like competitive figure skating and gymnastics. Her enthusiasm for choreographing allows her a diverse range of opportunities, making dances for movers of all ages and ability. She creates works for site specific, theatre, commercial and concert stages and has collaborated with artists and choreographers such as Mandy Moore, Gregg Russell, Jason Myhre, and Rhonda Miller. Paige is a member of the National Dance Education Organization and CDEA (California Dance Educators Association) and will return to the 2013 National Conference of NDEO to co-present workshops on dance literacy as well as creating student centric curriculums for Jazz to develop a richer cognitive, physical and expressive connection between the individual dancer and the multiple contexts of Jazz dance. She is deeply inspired by a group of diverse, courageous dance educators and artists- Judith Scalin, Teresa Heiland, Holly Johnston, Susan Gingrasso, Tina Curran and Beth Megill- each of whom have fostered her curiosities and development through their mentorship and care. Paige is a former student of the Oklahoma City University dance program and received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Dance from Loyola Marymount University.