Joseph Weber

Artist Biography:
Joseph Weber is a ceramicist working and living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was born in the Twin Cities and received his undergraduate degree in Art, with an emphasis on ceramics and metal sculpture, from the University of Wisconsin — Green Bay in 2008. His artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin as well as consistently being installed in hidden/unconventional areas of the city. Apart from his exhibitions, Joseph is a recent recipient of the Chancellors Graduate Award at the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee. Currently Joseph has just began his second year at the University of Wisconsin — Milwaukee where he is pursuing a Master's of Fine Arts degree with a concentration on ceramic sculpture.

Artist Statement:
My work evaluates both past and present, specifically how the past re-presents itself in the present and, in turn, influences the future. This continuum is neither completely visible nor completely suppressed in any individual piece. Rather it serves as the heart upon which everything is built.
In Sedimentation water connects my past life as a competitive swimmer with river waters collected in the present from sites where I lived during that former time. It speaks of specific sites of collection and suggests the flow of water supporting our entire environment.
The physical processes in Sedimentation also draw attention to the impurities that are being accumulated and recorded in our rivers. The piece is a metaphor for accrued experience. Its contents are contradictions: present and fleeting, luminous and obscured, nurturing and contaminating, filtered through time.