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Giving to the Peck School of the Arts is a powerful investment in the development of future arts professionals. Moreover, your generosity plays a critical role in our success.

As the Peck School prepares each class for careers in art and design, dance, film, music, theatre, or inter-arts, we recognize the impact our graduates have had over the 50 years since the school was founded. Without the generous support of our alumni, faculty, foundations, patrons, corporate partners and friends, we could not continue to sustain or raise our level of distinction. Your gift provides necessary support for our most essential needs – scholarships, program support, and special projects. Please explore the following pages and find out how you can contribute to the success of the Peck School.

How Can I Invest in the Peck School of the Arts?

Invest in Students

Shape top caliber students into arts leaders

Support Faculty

Strengthen our capacity for teaching and research

Support Programs & Projects

Sustain community service and outreach

Provide for the Future

Help prepare future generations for careers in the arts