University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Stories of Impact:
Katharine and Sanford (Sandy) Mallin

Katharine and Sanford Malin

A lifelong love of the arts for Katharine and Sandy Mallin led them to discover what UWM and the Peck School had to offer when they married and settled down in the Milwaukee area. Sandy graduated from the University of Wisconsin, but attended the University of Wisconsin Extension school in Milwaukee for one year before it merged with the Wisconsin State Teacher's College to form UWM. He has been a lifelong patron of the arts stemming from music lessons and attending concerts with his parents as a child. Katharine, a California native and University of California-Los Angeles graduate, was "bowled over" by a symphony performance during a trip to Amsterdam and in 1995 moved to Santa Barbara, California to immerse herself in music at the Music Academy of the West. Even after all of these diverse musical experiences the couple is deeply impressed by the artistic offerings in their own backyard.

As a retired physician, Sandy audits classes in subjects such as art history at UWM and volunteers in the library's special collection, but the couple also contributes to the university through a sponsorship of the Fine Arts Quartet and membership in Friends of the UWM Golda Meir Library. The Mallins have attended Fine Arts Quartet concerts for many years, and Katharine says they support them because they are "a real benefit to the community." Sandy agreed, saying that although they support as many arts groups as possible through membership, the Fine Arts Quartet is something they have focused on. In addition to their support of UWM, Katharine serves on the Board of Directors for the Steering Committee for the College Endowment Association and the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. She is also on the Milwaukee Art Museum's Print Forum Board and gives financial support to the Prometheus Trio, which performs at the Conservatory.