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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre Degree
The BA in Theatre focuses on innovation, communication, and collaboration through theatre making and theatre scholarship. It encourages students to experience theatre as a creative endeavor that influences society and the people in it. Student engagement and learning is sustained while artists, educators, and scholars are developed. The BA program is designed to support the breadth of theatre learning through socially responsive, creative, and educative practices with a focus on site-specific work, educational theatre, applied, critical, civically engaged, and devised work in multiple settings, institutions and cultures - the stage, the classroom, and the community at large.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre Education Degree
The BA in Theatre also supports a professional track area for students seeking a Wisconsin Theatre Teaching license in PK4-12 Theatre. The program prepares future theatre teachers of grades PK-12. After the culmination of fieldwork and practice teaching, students will be recommended for certification by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

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Requirements, Curriculum & Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre is a 120-credit program. BA Theatre majors are required to fulfill the department’s core then focus their study on educational and social justice theatre, creative storytelling, and civic engagement through theatre, ethnographic drama, playwriting, and dramaturgical research

BA Theatre students, with the exception of those seeking a teaching license (Theatre Education),execute a capstone production/project as a culminating demonstration of their learning. This is taught and directed in a capstone course overseen by faculty and may include off-site work. All capstones and student teaching are evaluated through a portfolio process. Students electing to focus their major in Theatre Education are prepared as future urban Wisconsin Theatre teachers of grades PK4-12. Instead of the BA project-oriented capstone experience, Theatre Education students complete a capstone yearlong course of study that consists of fieldwork, portfolio development, and practice/student teaching. On successful completion of all degree requirements Theatre Education students are recommended for #325 Theatre license licensure in the State of Wisconsin.

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Application Process

The BA Theatre Studies tracks are not required to audition (for acting) or submit portfolio for other focus areas. As long as you meet the general university admission requirements, you will be able to select a theatre major and start taking coursework in the subject area.

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BA Opportunities

Beyond the curriculum, the production and performance activity of the department serve to expand the classroom education. It is a vital resource for our students and allows for the practical application of all curriculums.


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Study Beyond

The department offers several courses that take students further out in to the world. Students have traveled to New York, Shanghai, New Zealand, Italy, Paris, London and Dublin on study tours.


Practicum credits in the major are a deliberate way to encourage students to engage in the professional community. UWM students have earned practicum credits of many of the professional companies in Milwaukee. UWM is the only urban university that can draw on the rich and thriving resources of a professional community

Post Baccalaureate Studies in Theatre Education

Students who have already earned a BA or BFA in theatre or an equivalent degree (subject to review by faculty) are eligible to apply for post baccalaureate studies in theatre education. Through post baccalaureate studies, students complete remaining undergraduate level coursework and requirements leading to a recommendation for certification to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to teach theatre in grades K-12. Please follow the admission procedures to apply.

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