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Musical Theatre Auditions
2014-2015 School Year

For transfer and current students:
Deadline for application packet submission:
Monday, November 3, 2014
Entrance Audition Day:
Saturday, November 15, 2014

For students entering Fall 2015:
Deadline for application packet submission:
Monday, February 2, 2015
Entrance Audition Day:
Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Musical Theatre BFA

About the Degree
Admission to the Program
Entrance Audition
Pre-Major Status

About the Degree

The BFA degree in Musical Theatre  combines three major performing disciplines that have a history of excellence in the Peck School of the Arts: Music, Dance and Theatre. The Musical Theatre track will provide the student with the opportunity to train and develop the necessary skills needed to succeed in an art form that encompasses all three areas of performance. It will also broaden future employment opportunities for the student interested in pursuing a performance career. Courses created for this track can also benefit those students pursuing K-12 certification, and enhance the quality of work they may be asked to do in conjunction with their teaching responsibilities.

2008-2009 Season: Hair (April)

Students in Musical Theatre will be trained thoroughly in the performance skills necessary to compete in the professional world of musical theatre. Included in this track are a solid developmental and pedagogical foundation in music (voice, theory and musicianship, piano, large and small music ensembles), dance (history of the musical theatre art form, ballet, tap, jazz and theatre dance), and theatre (acting, play analysis, and theatre production). Students will be expected to meet the high standards expected of them at all developmental levels of the program, preparing them for what they will encounter as performers in the professional world. In addition, students will be able to build on their pre-existing talents in a dynamic and innovative arena.

Carefully chosen musical theatre productions are essential to students pursuing a performance-based degree. The ability to apply their training in fully-realized performances is crucial, and the process of mounting a musical is invaluable pre-professional training experience for students--from preparing for and experiencing the audition process, to the expectations and challenges of the rehearsal sequence, to the technical rehearsals and performances. Most importantly, the Musical Theatre track provides a place where future performing artists can receive and hone a range of practical and creative skills across a continuum consistent with their professional and personal goals.

You may find a complete description of the Peck School of the Arts’ BFA in Musical Theatre (Track 3) at the following link:

Admission to the Program

To be considered for the BFA in Musical Theatre Degree:

  1. All students must meet general University academic requirements and must first be accepted by UWM. Information on applying to UWM is available at
    Online applications are available at
  2. Submit a complete Musical Theatre Application.
    Mail complete application packet to:
    Musical Theatre Application
    UWM Theatre
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, WI 53201
  3. Complete a live audition.


For transfer and current students:
Deadline for application packet submission: Monday, November 3, 2014
Entrance Audition Day: Saturday, November 15, 2014

For students entering Fall 2014:
Deadline for application packet submission: Monday, February 2, 2015
Entrance Audition Day: Saturday, February 14, 2015

Entrance Audition

After submitting the complete application packet, applicants to the Musical Theatre BFA degree program must audition in spring for entry into the program the following fall. Applicants who demonstrate a level of maturity, experience and professional performance potential in at least two of the three areas of study during the audition process have an excellent opportunity for admittance/acceptance as a pre-major.

2008-2009 Season: Hair (April)

  • The vocal audition consists of the student preparing 32 bars of two contrasting musical theatre vocal selections. The student should bring sheet music that is in the correct key, as a pianist will be provided. An ear-training exercise will also be given along with a short written music diagnostic test.
  • The acting audition consists of a memorized, theatrical monologue from a modern, contemporary playscript, and must be no longer than 1-minute in length.
  • The dance audition consists of a group ballet warmup, followed by a jazz combination taught by dance faculty. After that, auditionees who would like to present a well-rehearsed, 1-minute dance solo from ballet, jazz or tap genres will be given that opportunity.
  • Auditionees will also be asked to complete a writing exercise that asks each student to express and specify their personal artistic interests and goals.

After your complete Musical Theatre Application Packet has been received, you will be sent a schedule for your audition day that will include both your group and individual time slot assignments.

Pre-Major Status

Once accepted, students become pre-majors until they successfully complete the first year of required courses for the Musical Theatre track, and maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA. At that point, their academic and artistic growth is reviewed for official entry into the track by the program faculty. Students are required to attend all classes, auditions, workshops, seminars and performances arranged in conjunction with or as a part of their training in the Musical Theatre track.

Transfer students must complete 40 credits in the Musical Theatre track in residence at UWM in order to graduate. Level of ability must be evaluated by course instructors at the beginning each course for proper level placement. If a student is recommended for a higher level of a specific course, the student may then select one of the listed Musical Theatre track electives to augment his or her training.

2008-2009 Season: Hair (April)

Several required courses of the Musical Theatre track will have level testing the first week of classes. This ensures that students are placed at appropriate class level and receive the best training possible. Students who have extensive background in one or more of the three areas of study may test out of some courses and advance to a higher level of training, thus opening up credits for study in other related areas.

In some instances, the pre-major in Musical Theatre may need to take preparatory courses and is expected to do so. Just as students should consistently rise to the level of excellence expected in each area of study, Musical Theatre track majors also should apply themselves as much as possible in the areas in which they may have less experience, thus equalizing their personal talents and professional performance potential. Pre-majors who do not demonstrate a level of advancement or improvement--either artistically, academically or both--in the program curriculum may not advance or may be denied acceptance as a major.

Any applicant accepted as a pre-Musical Theatre track student is responsible for completing any preparatory classes he or she needs in order to successfully test into required music courses for this track.

For More Information

Tony Horne
Assistant Professor, Musical Theatre
(414) 229-4108