University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

2007-2008 Theatre Performance Season


October 23-28, 2007
by August Wilson
Directed by Bill Watson

Hope and heartbreak abound in Pittsburgh's Hill District c. 1948 as seven people share frustration, joy and loss. Floyd "Schoolboy" Barton, an aspiring blues musician, returns home to seek his fortune and reclaim his woman; a sick old man longs for an heir to carry on his name; and three single women cope with betrayal and lost dreams. Like seven musical instruments, each one strikes a unique note in a discordant world.


December 4-9, 2007
by Jean Anouilh
Adapted by Christopher Fry
Directed by Michelle Lopez

How far will a brother go to keep his twin from marrying the wrong girl? Hugo is as devious as his brother is clueless, and he has only one night to stop the engagement. But is she the wrong girl, after all? Jean Anouilh's dizzying account of a grand ball gone haywire, as adapted by Christopher Fry, is a rare treat—join us for a magical and stylish evening at Hugo's chateau!


February 26 - March 2, 2008
by John Steinbeck
Directed by Rebecca Holderness

One of the most celebrated works of literature, this classic drama is the haunting tale of two migrant workers pursuing the American dream—a place to call their own. Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, the unlikely friendship between Lennie, a gentle giant, and George, his protector, fills both men with hope for the future. When tragedy erupts, the men discover that—like mice in the maze of modern life—they will forever be at the mercy of forces beyond their control.


April 22-27, 2008
By Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Raeleen McMillion

Grusha is a maid caught holding a baby in the middle of a revolution. Her mistress has fled, taking the fancy dresses but forgetting the child, and Grusha is off to the mountains with the soldiers of the insurgent Fat Prince hot on her heels. After peace is restored, a court must decide who should have the child—his royal kin who abandoned him, or the peasant who suffered unimaginable hardships to keep him safe.