University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

2010-2011 Theatre Performance Season

By the Bog of Cats

October 27 - 31
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
Director: Michelle Lopez-Rios
Set in rural Ireland, "By the Bog of Cats" is a modern retelling of Euripides' "Medea." Playwright Marina Carr's world of spells, hauntings, and fury provides an opportunity to explore the impact of myth in today's world. Told in a Midland Irish dialect the story of a woman's journey through murder, betrayal, and abandonment culminates in a powerful ending.

Lovers' Quarrels

December 8 - 12
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
Director: Bill Watson
Molière's second full-length play in verse, "Lovers' Quarrels" is a complex comedy animated by deception and misunderstanding. In a new translation by Richard Wilbur misinformation, misunderstanding, mistaken identities, and manipulation abound in 17th Century Parisian society. Don't miss the reconciliation experienced by all at the end of this tour de force.

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

March 9 - 13
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
Director: Rebecca Holderness

In a courtroom in present-day purgatory, the Bible's most unexplained villain is on trial, and everyone from Mother Teresa to Satan is called to testify. Both comedic and touching, Stephen Adly Guirgis' "street-poetic" play, "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot," asks if we are capable of true forgiveness and real compassion. It features dizzying, bountiful dialogue characteristic of the playwright's hit plays, which meld street slang, rapturous poetry, rude comedy and literary references to Thomas Merton and W.H. Auden in a unique, thrilling way. UWM Theater Students will question their own values and test their skills in a play that is in its own way a prayer."

No, No, Nanette

May 4 - 8
Director's Talk at 6:45 pm on the opening night
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Friday; 2 pm and 7:30 pm on Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
Director: Tony Horne

Opening in 1925 at London's Palace Theatre and later that year on Broadway, "No, No, Nanette" introduced a slew of delightful songs by composer Vincent Youmans, including two that were destined to become classics: "Tea for Two" and "I Want to Be Happy." The 1971 revival, supervised by none other than the legendary Busby Berkeley, was a big hit and ignited a nostalgia craze on Broadway. Now you can greet an old friend as a new generation of theatre artists lace up their tap shoes to bring you American Musical Comedy at its best: a zany plot, loveable characters, memorable music, and show stopping dance numbers!

Labworks Series
The Peck School's innovative and intimate Labworks Series focuses on acting, with performances in our "black box" space and a spare approach to visual elements. Tickets: $5.

As it is in Heaven

October 15 - 24
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: Jenny Wanasek

Arlene Hutton's "As It Is In Heaven" concerns nine women who live in a Shaker settlement at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky in the 1830's. The religious community whose once dramatic form of worship - now routine - is changed when a non-believer has an ecstatic experience. She sees angels in the meadow, and soon all the young women are receiving spiritual "gifts" of songs, drawings, ideas and giggles, completely upsetting the community. The struggles in this play - between opposing belief systems; between the status-quo establishment and those who want change; the struggle between established religion and direct encounters with a higher power - all speak to parallel struggles in the world today.

Short Cuts

November 5 - 14
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: Raeleen McMillion

"Short Cuts", is an evening drawn from the work of playwright David Ives whose plays often consist of only one act, and are often comedies. Ives' most popular book of plays, All in the Timing, originated as an evening of one-act comedies that premiered at Primary Stages in 1993, moved to the larger John Houseman Theatre, and ran for 606 performances. The evening won him the Outer Critics Circle John Gassner Award for Playwriting. Ives settings of contemporary situations and relationships will challenge actors and illuminate the audience.

The Second Best Bed: Shakespeare's Women Revealed

February 25 - March 6
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: James Tasse

Passionate, powerful, fancy-free and fierce. A working group of students and teachers will devise a performance exploring the "infinite variety" of Shakespeare's female characters. A spare and fluidly mounted exploration of sonnets, monologues and scenes; the piece will be shaped by a rigorous playing of language, character and, in the tradition of LabWorks, in your face theatricality.

Finding Penelope

March 15-18
3pm; except March 16 at 3:15pm
Luther Manor, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa (off campus)
The story of Penelope from Homer's "Odyssey," written by Associate Professor of Theatre Anne Basting, and created from the stories of Luther Manor residents, family, and staff. Staged in partnership with Portland, Oregon's Sojourn Theatre Company at Milwaukee's Luther Manor senior living community, the production will be performed by theatre students and members of Sojourn Theatre Company.
Tickets: $10. Call Luther Manor at 414-464-3880 to order tickets.

Aimee and Jaguar

April 27 - May 1
7:30pm Wednesday-Saturday; 2pm Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: Joseph Hanreddy

Directed by former Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Artistic Director Joseph Hanreddy, Aimee and Jaguar chronicles a love affair between two women on opposite sides of war-torn Berlin in the final days of the Third Reich. Lilly is a young mother of four with a husband fighting at the front, Felice is a Jewish resistance fighter one misstep away from capture. As the city unravels under the ferocious Allied attacks, life is for the moment and the only thing tomorrow promises is uncertainty.

New Directions
Student directed productions. Tickets: $5.

The Love Talker

December 2 - 3
7:30 pm on Thursday and Friday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: Luke Erickson

An eerie and sensual one act play. Gowdie and her older sister, Bun, live alone in a house surrounded by dark and mysterious woods which seems to have emanated from the darkest reaches of the Grimms' fairy tales—an age when strange spirits walked the earth and magic was all around. Steeped in imaginative language and full of mystery, The Love Talker is a story about failing to distinguish the forces that tempt us from those that help us and the dire consequences that can follow.

Hurry Up and Wai

December 4 - 5
7:30 pm on Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Director: Sara Zientek

After a successful reading last season, this youthful comedy by UWM Peck School student Scott Heaton is making its world premiere! What happens after your first long-term relationship ends? That's the question Mark's facing in the comedy Hurry Up and Wait. When his relationship with Claire (his girlfriend of two years) ends, he turns to his two friends at work, Andy and Rachel. Andy doesn't understand why Mark's so upset in the first place. After all, won't this give him more time to hang out and watch movies? And now that Rachel's found a new job she might not be there for him as much as she'd like. If the three of them can stick together, they just might be able to get through this alive!


April 14-17
7:30pm Thursday-Saturday: 2pm Sunday
Theatre student Bethany Davey directs a production of David Auburn's play, "Proof." After the death of her ailing father, a young woman searches for solid ground. Questions of identity, trust, and ultimately sanity emerge along her journey.