University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

2011-2012 Theatre Performance Season

Mainstage Theatre Series

Directed and designed by the Theatre Department's highly-regarded faculty, the Mainstage Theatre Series presents fully-produced and thoroughly-engaging performances featuring the work of student actors and technicians. Tickets: $17 general/$12 seniors, faculty, alumni/$10 students.

The Sins of Sor Juana

October 19-23
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
By Karen Zacarias. Directed by Jenny Wanasek.

The Sins of Sor Juana brings to life the legendary seventeenth century poet and nun Juana Ines de la Cruz. Her passion, brilliance, and skill incited fear and jealousy in the rulers and religious powers of that time. Playwright Karen Zacarias explores the struggle in the desire to be both true to one's inner voice and the desire to be one with others. Juana's story is one of love, betrayal, magic and power.

As You Like It

December 7-11
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
By William Shakespeare. Directed by Bill Watson.

When her father, Duke Senior, is ousted by his over-reaching brother, Rosalind is forced to take drastic action in order to protect herself. Follow one of Shakespeare's strongest and most compelling heroines as she escapes into the forest, disguises herself as a man, and wins a husband! Director Bill Watson leads a team of talented UWM student performers through the Forest of Arden in this spirited production of Shakespeare's As You Like It.

The Nature of Mutation

March 7-11
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre
By John Walch. Directed by Bill Watson.

When a private foundation offers a large grant to a financially troubled prep school, it gives the ailing school a chance at survival. The catch is that the school must alter its science curriculum to teach Intelligent Design along side evolution. The offer ignites Henry Huxley—the Victorian scientist known as "Darwin's Bulldog"—and polarizes the community as it forces individuals to take sides. "Nature of Mutation" whimsically explores what happens when opposing viewpoints collide, and traces the inner leaps of trust and faith one needs to make to find common ground.


Three Sisters

May 2-6
7:30 pm on Wednesday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Mainstage Theatre

By Anton Chekhov
Directed by Rebecca Holderness
Adapted by Fly Steffens
Original Score by Bill Barclay

Chekhov's classic play of missed desire, love and yearning set in the frozen landscape of Russia. A birthday cake stays un-tasted, a Military band plays a farewell, the Village burns and wolves can heard can be heard in the nearby mountains as a shot rings out that changes everything and nothing.

Thurs, May 3rd - Talk-back after the show with Fly Steffens and Joe Peschio, PhD - Assistant Professor of Russian.

Labworks Series

The Peck School's innovative and intimate Labworks Series focuses on acting, with performances in our "black box" space and a spare approach to visual elements. Tickets: $5.

A Piece of My Heart

October 14-16; October 21-23
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
By Shirley Lauro. Produced by James Tasse.

In today's world of combat and conflict, our military and political leaders debate the "role" of women. "A Piece of My Heart," set during the Vietnam war, explores these issues thru the eyes of six women confronted by the events that changed both them and the nation they served.


December 2-4; December 9-11
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Written by Diana Son. Produced by Tony Horne.

The first kiss between two people falling in love should be a beautiful and moving experience. But when a simple kiss inflames a stranger to violently attack them, lovers' lives are changed forever. Should it matter that the lovers are the same gender? Penned by TV, film, and stage writer Diana Son, this GLAAD Media Award winning play combines humor with sadness in a timely look at contemporary romance.

Into the Woods A Musical Theatre Production

March 2-4; March 9-11
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
By Stephen Sondheim. Produced by Tony Horne.

This beloved Sondheim musical combines elements from Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel into one big fractured fairytale. A Tony Award winner for Best Score and Best Book of a Musical, Into the Woods delves into the often difficult relationships between children and parents, while reminding us that every choice has a consequence. Minimally produced in an intimate space, this staging is sure offer a fresh view of a musical masterpiece.

Photo by Peter Amland.
Susie Carlson, Dance BFA alum

New Works by New Artists

April 27-29; May 4-6
7:30 pm on Friday - Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508

The BFA actors at the advanced level of training take on cutting-edge new short plays as capstyoner projects. They serve as directors, dramaturgs, acting coaches, and actors in projects that propel these artists into the limelight in a new way.

Previews at Kenilworth Open Studios on Saturday, April 21 from 11am-12:30pm in 508.

Apr 28, May 4 & 5th at 7:30pm: Architecture and Peaches
Apr 29 & May 6 at 2pm: Architecture & Peaches
Apr 27 at 7:30pm: Desmond or Abraham and Frances and Time Is the Mercy of Eternity

Architecture, by Betty Shamieh
An exploratory piece within the life and heritage of a Palestinian woman living in America; managing a career in a male dominated industry, while reflecting upon a life that did not reach
its full potential.

Peaches, by Soo-Jin Lee
During one of the last days of summer, in Northern Virginia, two childhood friends struggle with shifts of change and the boundaries between their relationship as young Korean Americans.

Desmond or Abraham and Frances, by Sylvan Oswald
In one home, family fault lines rupture, pitting Desmond, Abraham, and Frances against one another in a struggle for survival inside a sinking house.

Time is the Mercy of Eternity: A meditation in four acts, by Deb Margolin
Time is the Mercy of Eternity, probes the meaning of existence, and life's cherished moments, of loss and love and how its characters attempt to preserve these memories eternally.

New Directions

Student directed productions.
7:30 pm on Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday in Kenilworth Studio 508
Tickets: $5.

Goldfish, The Sun Wields Mercy, and Love. Repeat.

November 11-13
7:30 pm on Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508

A series of one-act plays (Goldfish, The Sun Wields Mercy, and Love. Repeat.) adapted from the life and language of the American poet Charles Bukowski. The three plays are autonomous but thematically linked, addressing the death of love, the refusal to change, and the death of love because of the refusal to change. These Bukowski plays are both cynical and hopeful, the language light but tragic, and the characters mostly drunk. A minimal performance reading and facilitated discussion on the 11th and a final performance reading on the 13th. 

mr marmalade

Mr. Marmalade

Free Preview Screening Thursday, March 29th 7:30PM
March 30-April 1
7:30 pm on Saturday; 2 pm on Sunday
Kenilworth Studio 508
Produced & Directed by Angela Fingard

Lucy is a four-year-old girl with a very vivid imagination. Unfortunately, her imaginary friend, Mr. Marmalade, doesn't have much time for her. Not to mention he beats up his personal assistant, has a cocaine addiction, and a penchant for porn. Larry, Lucy's only real friend, joins her in facing the challenges of growing up during these difficult times. Come see this hilarious dark comedy by Noah Haidle!