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GER Information

A = Arts
CD = Cultural Diversity

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Courses open to ALL UWM students. See course listing below to identify those classes which satisfy GER requirements.

100 - Introduction to the Theatre (A)
Introduction to the theatre as a form of artistic, social and human expression from point-of-view of both theatre audience and theatre artist.

101 - Acting for Non-majors (A)
An introduction to basic acting techniques of personalization, focus, and scene study explored through participatory and collaborative exercises and assignments.

102 - Introduction to Design and Production for Performance (A)
A study of production and performance ideas as they relate to the theatrical environment. Emphasis on production styles and the process of evolving the artistic concepts.

111 - Theatre Games (A)
An introduction to a wide variety of improvisations and games which are designed to free and channel the self expression of performers and non-performers.

213 - Play Analysis (A)
Methods of analysis of the dramatic text for production; the elements of a play through discussion and written analysis of selected works.

260 - Storytelling (A)
Development of skills to locate, analyze, and tell stories from multicultural sources and ranging from personal experience to myths and legends.

305 - The Theatrical Experience (A)
Performances, demonstrations, and lectures focusing on specific aspects of theatrical production. Attendance at live theatrical performances required

321 - The Theatre: Beginnings Through Realism (A)
Study of the development of theatre art and its practice, performance, and scripts, from classical antiquity through the 19th century.

322 - The Theatre: Modern and Contemporary Period (A)
Study of the development of theatre art and its practice, performance, and scripts from 1900 to the present.

325 - Theatre in the Americas: Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Theatre (A, CD)
Survey of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latina/o theatre and performance. History and cultures of the Americas that shape these productions.