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The Zelazo center hosts a variety of events every year with a wide array of distinctive catering and event planning needs. To ensure that each booking receives the best catering service possible, we've created three categories of events and included the catering options available for that type of event.

Be sure to ask your caterer about table linens and decorations as the Zelazo Center does not stock these items.

Campus Events

These are events that are hosted by a campus department for university attendees. Campus events may choose from anyone on the UWM Approved Caterers List.

Community Events

These are events that are hosted by not-for profit community organizations.

Private Events

These are events that are hosted by a private party or corporation.

UWM Catering Services

With careful planning, UWM Catering Services staff will ensure a successful event. We will help you select a convenient on-site location, an ideal menu, and develop an appropriate theme. Let us provide the perfect atmosphere to guarantee a memorable event! Your event is as important to us as it is to you. To assist us in helping you coordinate a successful event, we have developed guidelines that will help us give you the best service possible.

UWM Catering Services Virtual Menu

For More Information

Jacqueline A. Sciuti
UWM Catering Services
Union Room 307
(414) 229-3733