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Mai T.


MPH – Community and Behavioral Health Promotion

Mai graduated from UW-Madison with a B.S. in Nursing. During her undergraduate years, she had the opportunity to travel to Thailand to conduct research studies regarding the oral health in a northern Thai village. Meanwhile, she was also able to complete one of her nursing clinicals at a local Thai clinic in which she cared for Thai women and children in the labor and delivery unit. After graduation, Mai worked as an oncology nurse at UW-Hospital and Clinics in Madison before moving back to Milwaukee to work as a rehabilitation nurse at Alexian Village.

The Hmong community has been the core of her interest in public health for a long time. Mai’s interests not only concern pathophysiology, such as what diseases the Hmong community are most prone to, but also, how to improve the way the Hmong community receives healthcare in the United States; such as methods to increase the access to health facilities. She wants to learn more about how we can make sensitive issues, such as mental health, a more approachable topic to discuss for the Hmong community. Her goal is to become a more informed healthcare provider and global health advocate, not just to the Hmong community but for all communities.


Mai T.