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Mary M.


PHd - Community and Behavioral Health Promotion

As a certified nurse midwife caring for underserved women in Milwaukee, I have come to realize that providing health care in our community is a daunting challenge. The city faces some of the most complicated and devastating health care issues in the country. While there is so much to do here, my focus is primarily on women’s health and racial disparities within our appalling fetal infant mortality rate.

There is certainly a great amount of satisfaction providing direct care to those most in need. However, after working in our community as a nurse midwife for over 17 years, I realized I needed a different set of skills and knowledge to make a difference on a larger scale. I always knew that I would continue my education after receiving my Masters in Nursing, and I have chosen the Certificate in Public Health at this time because I feel it would provide me with the basic knowledge I need most to facilitate real change in our community. I am considering going forward in public health when the PhD program for health policy is approved.

If we are to make real change in Milwaukee, we must be creative and innovative. I feel confident that the School of Public Health at UWM can begin to answer the challenges we face in this community.

Mary M.