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Nusrat Begum S.


MPH – Environmental and Occupational Health

Nusrat is pursuing an MPH in Environmental and Occupational Health. She graduated from medical school in India and holds a degree of M.B.B.S., from N.T.R. University of Health Sciences.

Her interest in public health started during her field trips and vaccination camps in rural areas of India. This experience made Nusrat realize that more public health research, innovation, and education is needed to identify diverse stakeholders to prevent and manage illness at worksites, homes, and in communities.

This program will provide her the essential skills to recognize biochemical, occupational hazards and research to construct interventions in controlling adverse health outcomes to foster a safe healthful living environment, locally and globally.

In her spare time she volunteers at her children’s school, and she loves to cook Indian food, watch movies, and travel with family.


Nusrat Begum S.