PhD - Environmental Health Sciences



Research in environmental and occupational health examines the environmental determinants of disease in the general population and in occupational settings.

Students in Environmental and Occupational Health will investigate the interaction of environmental factors with individual facets of disease susceptibility, such as genetics, age, and development. Environmental and occupational factors include biological agents, chemicals, and physical impacts.

The faculty supporting the doctoral degree in Environmental and Occupational Health contribute strengths in children's environmental health, Great Lakes, freshwater quality, infectious disease, and health in relation to cardiovascular and neurobehavioral disease and disorders. 


All applicants must complete the required online application and the EOH Application Checklist. Applicants must meet Graduate School requirements and the following program requirements to be considered for admission:

1. A baccalaureate degree in a science discipline, including at least four laboratory courses and one statistics course.

2. Submission of scores on the General Test portion of the Graduate Record Examination; test taken within the last five years. Submit scores to Environmental and Occupational Health, code 0605.

3. Submissions of at least three letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant's scholarship, research achievements, and potential. When applying for admission, students should describe their interest in the field and any research preferences. 

Applicants are encouraged to review the research interests of the faculty.

A master's degree is not a prerequisite for admission. Applicants may be admitted with course deficiencies (no more than six credits) at the discretion of the admissions committee. The student is expected to satisfy deficiency requirements with a grade of a B or better within three enrolled semesters. The deficiencies are monitored by the Graduate School and the EOH program. No course credits earned in making up deficiencies may be counted as program credits required for the degree.


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Complete course information is available for students in the current student handbook or on the Graduate School website.

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Current Courses

PH 705 - 3 credits
This course will explore policy that influences population health, provide a framework for understanding the public health policy process, and address the planning, organization, and administration of public health systems. 

EOH 821 - 3 credits
Advanced Survey of Environmental Health will introduce public health students to the environmental factors that influence human health. Emphasis will be placed on identifying environmental factors and understanding how timing (age and duration of exposure) and route(s) of exposure interact with genetic susceptibility factors leading to or modulating diseases or adverse public health outcomes. Global, regional, and local environmental health issues will be identified and discussed, with an eye toward practical applications of environmental health including risk assessment, sustainability and prevention.

EOH 822 - 3 credits
Understanding gene-environment interactions is critical for understanding environmental disease.

PH 823 - 2 credits

PH 939 - 1 credit

PH 775 - 2 credits

Current Faculty


Dr. Michael Laiosa- Assistant Professor

Dr. Kurt Svoboda- Associate Professor

Dr. Todd Miller- Assistant Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Michael Carvan - Associate Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences

Sandra McLellan - Associate Professor, School of Freshwater Sciences

Adjunct Faculty

Sanjib Bhattacharyya - Chief Molecular Scientist - Health Department

Paul Biedrzycki- Director of Disease Control and Environmental Health - Health Department

Robert Burlage - Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy - Concordia University

Steve Gradus- Public Health Laboratories Director - Health Department

Amy Murphy- Public Health Consultant