Cementitious Coatings Project

Laboratory Assessment of Cementitious Coatings
as a Barrier to Radon Gas Entry

The objective of this research was to evaluate the effectiveness of brushed-on cementitious coatings in obstructing the egression of radon gas in residential new concrete contruction. Laboratory tests characterized the radiological properties of concrete samples before and after being treated with coatings and sealants. The water to cement ratios of the concrete samples were varied to change their radiological transport properties resulting in two concrete batches, a more porous batch, Batch A, and a less porous batch, Batch B. In addition, the cementitious coatings were tested for their radiological transport properties as cast samples. Original testing systems were designed to measure the permeablity (advective radon flux) and diffusion coefficient (diffusive radon flux) of each experimental sample (before and after application of cementitious coating).

Cementitious Coatings Being Tested

Sealant Description Sealant Type Manufacturer Distributer
Epoxy - 2 part Epoxy Lord Corp. Ellsworth Adhesives
Aluminum filled epoxy - 2 part Epoxy Devcon Corp. Ellsworth Adhesives
High solids epoxy - 2 part Epoxy Dynamis Inc. McMaster - Carr
Polysulfide - 2 part Polysulfide Morton International Morton International
Sealer 1500 Chemically Reactive Silicates Moxie International Moxie International
Flooring Sealer II Chemically Reactive Silicates Moxie International Moxie International
Versaflex 9 Latex Hampshire Chemical Hampshire Chemical
Versaflex 1 Latex Hampshire Chemical Hampshire Chemical
Daratek XB 3631 Latex Hampshire Chemical Hampshire Chemical
Daran SL 143 Latex Hampshire Chemical Hampshire Chemical
Damtite - waterproofing powder Ceramic powder Thomas Waterproof Coatings Co. McMaster - Carr
Flexane - 2 part polyurethane Urethane Rubber Devcon Corp. Ellsworth Adhesives

Experimental Testing Apparatus

Porosity Testing Apparatus and Results
Permeability Testing Apparatus and Results
Diffusion Coefficient Results
High-Speed PC-Data Acquisition and Control System (PC-DACS)

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