The research in this lab centers on novel techniques that promote heat transfer enhancement utilizing porous media. More specifically, the goals of the research are:

  1. To obtain fundamental knowledge of the problem through experimental measurements and numerical simulations.
  2. To develop more sophisticated and representative models of the physics.
  3. To apply the research findings in order to improve the performance of existing thermal systems.

Current research focuses on condensation heat transfer enhancement via a very permeable, highly conductive porous coating which is interfaced to a condensing surface. Experimental results have shown as much as a 200% increase in heat transfer rate as compared to conventional systems. Various geometries and extensions of the problem have been studied and disseminated. The research is one of the initial studies on condensation heat transfer enhancement by a thin-layer porous coating. Future research endeavors will combine this novel surface materials technology with the utilization of electrohydrodynamics.

The laboratory contains: a Forced Convection-Steam Condensation Loop, a High Capacity Recirculating Chiller, a high-speed PC-Data Acquisition and Control System (PC-DACS), a Pentium PC, two HP Vectra PC's and high sensitivity instrumentation (e.g., pressure sensors, thermistors, thermocouples, steam mass flow sensor, flow rate sensor, control valves, etc.).


Condensation on Conductive Porous Coating