We offer a wide variety of fun, safe and effective classes to meet the needs of our participants. With over 50 classes offered per week during the Fall & Spring semesters, we have something for everyone! Choose from classes such as Core Crunch, Guts & Butts, Boot Camp, Zumba, Kickbox Blast, Group Strength, and Group Cycle. Our highly trained, top quality instructors provide a motivating workout experience to help you reach your fitness goals! All classes include modifications for all fitness levels.

Group X Class Descriptions

Boot Camp

Do you want a challenge? Then this class is for you!  This class will take you through drills and some obstacle courses.  Cardio, balance, agility and muscle conditioning exercises with and without equipment will be included to give you the extreme full body workout.  Come with an open mind because anything goes! Class limit 30.

Cardio Blast

Looking for a fun cardio workout? Cardio blast fuses all the cardio moves you can think of, including cardio kickboxing, dance moves, and sport agility drills. This class is choreographed to the music creating a fun, energetic atmosphere! Class limit 30.

Core Crunch

A 30-minute class designed to strengthen and tone your abdominal and lower back muscles. Challenge your core like never before! Class limit 30.

Group Strength

Get ready for a muscular conditioning workout like no other! Using free-weight equipment, our instructors will lead you through a total body weight training program that will tone and define your body. Includes a light cardio warm-up and abdominal training at the end of class. Class limit 30.

Guts & Butts

Want to firm it up? Then get to the class that focuses on  exercises for the abs and lower body. We'll utilize a variety of fitness equipment to tone up those areas! Class limit 30.

HIT IT High Intensity Interval Training
This class will take you through the highs and lows of interval training. Your heart rate will reach near peak highs and recover at lower inttensities. Interval training is a great way to blast calories and amp up your typical cardio workout! Exercise modifications will be given, so you choose your own intensity.Class limit 30.

Kickbox Blast

Learn proper punching and kicking techniques and feel empowered through the use of focus pads. This class uses a variety of Martial Arts moves that will help you improve cardiovascular fitness, enhance muscle tone and increase confidence. Class limit 24.

Tone Zone

This class is pure muscle work designed to make the most out of 30 minutes! Utilize a variety of fitness equipment (from dumbbells to resistance bands and exercise balls) and multi-joint exercises to get a unique, creative muscle burning workout.

Triple Threat

Triple threat combines important areas of any workout all in one!  This class will focus equally on strength training, cardiovascular work, and core exercises creating an awesome overall workout. Don't be threatened, bring your smile and enthusiasm and have some fun! Class limit 30.


An aerobic dance class full of Latin and other exotic music flavors. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. ZUMBA targets areas such as the gluteus, legs, arms, abdominals, and the most important muscle of the body...THE HEART! The sexy and explosive Latin rhythms create a party-like atmosphere that delivers results.  Class limit 50.

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