University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

PAWS Functional Development and Support Staff

Nicole Aidich Testing and Functional Application AnalystEmail:
Phone: 414-229-5434
Location: Mellencamp 240
Responsibilities: Schedule of Classes development and maintenance; website development; business process documentation; curricular data reporting; classroom assignments software; PAWS testing.

Rachael DanielFunctional Development & Transfer Program AdministratorEmail:
Phone: 414-229-4277
Location: Mellencamp 290
Responsibilities: PAWS data and functional development and support; PAWS security; website development; PAWS testing.

Rita Freiburger Data Integrity & Integration AnalystEmail:
Phone: 414-229-5273
Location: Mellencamp 262
Responsibilities: PAWS data and functional development, oversight, and support; PAWS security; PAWS testing.