University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Advisement Tables in the Data Warehouse
Is your office interested in evaluating Academic Advisement data for large groups of students rather than as part of individual student reports?

If so, Academic Advisement tables are included in the UWM Data Warehouse with a wide variety of useful Advisement data. Some examples of reports that could be generated using these tables include:
  • Checking the status of key requirements for students in a particular program or students applying for admission to a major.
  • Verifying the Major GPA or Transfer GPA for students in a particular program or major.
  • Projecting course demand in major courses based upon the number of majors at a particular point in the program who have not completed those courses.
  • Identifying requirements that may need to be updated based on the number of modifications that have been entered for individual students via a Student Exception.
  • Reviewing the set-up of requirements in Academic Advisement to identify inconsistencies or other issues in the way those requirements are presented on the Academic Advisement Report.
See the Advisement Tables in Data Warehouse memo for more specific information on the Academic Advisement tables included in the Data Warehouse, or contact the Academic Advisement data custodian, Brian Hinshaw, (Degree Audit Report option), 414-229-4981.

See the UITS Data Administration website for more information on the UWM Data Warehouse.