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SOC Development

This website is designed to provide an overview of the Schedule of Classes (SOC) development process, including the resources necessary for those involved in the process to create their schedule.

SOC Development Roles

SOC Builders: The SOC Builder is responsible for the collection, organization, and entry of class schedule data into PAWS during the SOC development process.  Each academic department or program that has class offerings is required to have a designated SOC Builder. 

SOC Coordinators: The SOC Coordinator is responsible for oversight of the SOC development for all of the academic departments or programs within a school/college.

Classroom Contacts: The Classroom Contact is responsible for scheduling classrooms that are owned or controlled (e.g., first priority) by a department, program, or school/college.  In addition, the Classroom Contact is the point person for negotiating issues related to general assignment classrooms for a department, program, or school/college.

SOC Specialists: The SOC Specialist is a staff member in the Registrar's Office who works as a liaison with the SOC Builders, SOC Coordinators, and Classroom Contacts for assigned schools/colleges.  The SOC Specialist is available to serve as a resource for questions and training throughout the SOC development cycle, as well as the entry of class schedule data after the final entry deadline for a term. 


SOC Development Process

Below represents a general process overview for the SOC development process in a typical fall, spring, or summer term.

  1. SOC Rolled from Prior Year Term: As a starting point for the SOC development, the active classes are copied forward from the prior year term (e.g., Fall 2013 to Fall 2014, Spring 2013 to Spring 2014, etc.).  Please note the class section copy process does not carry forward requisites or class attributes that were added to sections at the schedule level in a given term, only those that are approved for courses at the Course Catalog level.  Most other data, including meeting patterns, instructors, capacities, etc., will carry forward as part of the copy process.
  2. SOC Development Period: Once the SOC is rolled from the prior year term, it is available for development by SOC Builders and SOC Coordinators.  The SOC development period runs from December to February for a fall term, May to September for a spring term, and October to November for a summer term.  The goal of the development period is for SOC Builders and SOC Coordinators to work with faculty to determine class offerings for the term and begin entering those offerings into PAWS, even if details (e.g., instructors, meeting patterns, etc.) are still pending.  Toward the end of the development period, the Registrar's Office will generate error/verification reports on class sections that exist on the schedule in PAWS to provide information to departments and programs regarding potential issues that could impact the accuracy of the SOC and, ultimately, student enrollment.
  3. SOC Final PAWS Entry Period: The final entry period is a roughly one-week period that is the last opportunity for SOC Builders and SOC Coordinators to finalize class offerings in PAWS.  The final SOC entry deadline is typically in late-February for the fall term, early-October for the spring term, and early-December for the summer term.  After the SOC final entry period, all SOC changes need to be entered into PAWS by the SOC Specialists via the SOC Change Request Form, except enrollment controls (capacities, consent, etc.) and instructor updates, which can be managed via the Update Sections of a Class page in PAWS.
    IMPORTANT: Any class sections that are not entered into PAWS within the final entry period have a significantly reduced chance of receiving a general assignment classroom, particularly in a preferred location.  Departments are expected to have all class sections entered into PAWS by the end of the final entry period. 
  4. General Assignment Classroom Scheduling: For a 1-2 week period following the SOC final development deadline, batch processes are run to assign available general assignment classrooms to class sections that requested general assignment classroom space via settings placed on the sections in PAWS by the SOC Builder or SOC Coordinator during the SOC development period.  Additional information on general assignment classroom scheduling can be found on the General Assignment Classrooms website
  5. SOC Request & ROAR Freeze: During the 1-2 week General Assignment Classroom Scheduling Period, SOC change requests related to sections that require a general assignment classroom will not be processed.  The freeze does not apply to any requests related to sections that do not require a general assignment classroom.  In addition, ROAR should not be used during the freeze -- any changes that are made will be lost when general assignment classrooms are scheduled as part of the batch process.
  6. SOC Published: The SOC is published on PAWS and online ( in late-March for the fall term, late-October for the spring term, and early-January for the summer term.  The publish dates are timed about three weeks prior to the start of enrollment in the fall and spring terms, and approximately three months prior to the start of enrollment in the summer terms for summer guest student recruitment purposes. 

UWinteriM SOC DevelopmentThe UWinteriM SOC development is a largely centralized process that differs from the SOC development processes for fall, spring, and summer terms.  In early August, the Registrar's Office will send out a call for departments and programs to submit class offerings for the upcoming UWinteriM term via an electronic spreadsheet.  Academic departments and programs within the College of Letters & Science are contacted by a designated coordinator for the College, rather than the Registrar's Office.  Spreadsheets are submitted to the Registrar's Office by late-September, and the SOC Specialists subsequently enter the class schedule data into PAWS.  The UWinteriM SOC is released in early-October. 


SOC Development Timelines

Below is information on specific timelines related to the SOC development in recent, current, and upcoming terms.

Start Date
SOC Development
End Date
SOC/ROAR Academics
Publish  Date
Summer 2014
Fall 2014
UWinteriM 2015
Spring 2015
Summer 2015

*IMPORTANT: Any class sections that are not entered into PAWS by the final entry deadline have a significantly reduced chance of receiving a general assignment classroom, particularly in a preferred location.  Departments are expected to have all class sections entered into PAWS by the final entry deadline.

For additional dates and deadlines, see the Registrar's Calendar, the Registrar's Add/Drop Calendar, and the UWM Academic Calendar.


SOC Development Resources

Below are resources to assist SOC Builders and SOC Coordinators in the development of the SOC.

Web Forms/Apps

Informational Websites

PDF Guidelines


Excel Spreadsheet Templates