University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Distance Education/Correspondence
The UWM Testing Center participates in Consortium testing. Testing is offered through computer based or by traditional paper-pencil means at a reasonable rate, in a controlled, proctored environment. Services are provided for students taking Independent Study or Correspondence Course tests from other colleges or universities within the US and other countries. The Testing Center also provides proctoring services for candidates requiring licensure or certifications. A request must be submitted for these services.

Consortium TestingUW-Milwaukee participates in Consortium testing. Testing is offered through the the Internet, or by traditional paper-pencil means, at a reasonable rate in a controlled, proctored environment.
Examiner Responsibilities
Examiners will verify photo identification as specified by the test provider, checking to see that the signature and photo match the person presenting the identification. The examiner will actively monitor the testing room but will not monitor screen content, which must be controlled by testing software from the test provider in the case of web-based examinations. The examiner must be responsible and competent to receive and follow all other reasonable instructions from the test provider, such as timing the exam, providing scratch paper, pencils, etc.

Physical SettingThe examiner will provide a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions. The room should be dedicated to testing (but can utilize various types of testing) during the scheduled session and should have controlled access. Appropriate lighting, temperature control, and noise restrictions must be considered.

SchedulingAll examinations must be scheduled by prior contact between the test provider, the examiner, and the examinee. It is the responsibility of the examinee to initiate such contact. It is the responsibility of the examinee to verify that exam materials have been received by the Testing Center. Appointments can be made once the exam materials have been received.

Charges and FeesFees will be determined by the examiner and will generally be paid by the examinee unless the test provider agrees to pay them. A charge of $25.00 per administration is required for all exams. An additional charge may be imposed for evening or weekend testing and/or for tests that exceed four hours in length and require additional procedures.

BrowsersThe latest versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer are recommended for connection to the Internet. The connection should be fast enough so that computer and Internet performance do not impact adversely upon student performance.

Test Provider ResponsibilitiesThe test provider will be responsible for specifying to the examiner any restrictions on testing materials, including books, notes, instruments, and other aids. For web-based examinations, the test provider will also implement any restrictions and controls on the software used to deliver the tests and will supply the examiner with minimum hardware configurations, necessary passwords, and all other pertinent instructions prior to the day of the examination.

Correspondence test materials must be sent directly to the UWM Testing Center.

Once the request for proctoring services has been approved, the candidate will receive notification to schedule an appointment. Candidates who miss two appointments will need to pay a non-refundable fee of $10.00 prior to rescheduling. Once the fee has been received in the Testing Center, the candidate may schedule another appointment.