University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Assessment Services

Assessment Processing PolicyThe Testing Center can provide assessment services tailored to the specific customer needs; for example, creating a customized Scantron sheet for a survey project, processing the data, and providing customized data analysis and reporting. Each assessment job must be accompanied with an Assessment Project Request Form. This form must be filled out with the proper departmental or organizational information, a phone number contact, how the results should be processed and the type of reports requested. The Testing Center will accommodate such requests whenever possible however prior approval must be granted. Initial consultations are provided free of charge and pricing will be discussed at that time.

The UWM Testing Center can assist with the design, collection, and analysis of information. Compensation for our services depends on the volume of information, the intended output (paper or electronic) and the types of data analysis needed. Reports can be provided on paper or on the Internet. From simple reports to complex reporting and analytic applications, the Testing Center can meet most of your reporting needs. Following is a list of available reporting options:
Assessment Reports and Analysis Options
Advanced Multi-Analysis Table
Statistical Table
Quick Table
Evaluation Table
Graphs: Pie, Column, Line, and more
Standard Deviation

The Testing Center strives to complete each assessment job in a mutually agreed upon response. Proper format must be followed to ensure accurate processing and timely completion of the job. Jobs that are improperly prepared are likely to cause a delay in processing. Compliance with our guidelines will help the Testing Center meet its standards for providing quality service.

Contact Lisa Fugina, at 414-229-6388 with special services requests.