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Evaluation Processing Services

Evaluation Scanning and Reporting PolicyThe Testing Center provides scanning and reporting services for departmental instructor and course evaluations that have been arranged in advance. Depending on the results required, statistical software using varying formats is used to produce reports such as frequency, mean, median, mode and standard deviation. Standard answer sheets (green x-5’s) may be used or departments may use custom designed forms that are compatible with our scanning equipment. On line course evaluation data may also be submitted via Panther file for processing. There is a three-week turnaround time for all evaluations. Please plan accordingly when dropping off evaluations.

Evaluation reports are shared via Pantherfile and will be stored in a folder with the department name. Only individuals with share permission will be able to access them. Evaluation data will be kept on file in the Testing Center for a period of two years. After that time, the data will no longer be available. If you anticipate reviewing your reports after that time, realize that revisions cannot be made.

Keep in mind that the Testing Center staff will do minor editing of sheets and data. However, jobs that are improperly prepared and will cause delay to other users of our service will be returned for corrections. Formats for evaluations are available in the Testing Center and on our website. The department format must be followed to ensure accurate processing and timely completion of the job.

Departments will be contacted when a job has been completed. It would be helpful for our staff if the person picking up the evaluations has the correct job number, as it will be easier to locate and identify. All evaluation sheets should be picked up from the Testing Center upon completion of the job. Scantron sheets will be retained at the Testing Center for a period of two months after the job has been completed and the department has been contacted. The Testing Center is not responsible for sheets not picked up after that period of time.

We will do our best to complete your job in the stated turn around time. Compliance with these guidelines will help our office meet our standards for providing quality service.

If you should have any questions, contact Liz Richard at 414 229-6409.

Department Formats for Evaluation ProcessingIn order to ensure quick and accurate results of your exam-scoring request the following format must be followed:

Please click on a link below to see the Department Format.

Evaluation Drop OffEvaluations must be brought in as a set each semester. All evaluations to be scanned as a group must be dropped off at the same time. Evaluations will be processed following the end of the current semester.

Drop off evaluations at the front desk in Mellencamp B28 and fill out an Evaluation Processing Form providing the requested information.

Only custom Scantron OPTICAL mark read forms or X-5 green answer sheets should be used.

See the Evaluation Processing Request Form for your required Department format.

Please plan on allowing three weeks for the processing of all evaluations. If the required / agreed upon format is not followed, the evaluations will be returned for correction. If there are minor discrepancies the process may take longer than the three-week turn around time. If you are planning to change the format of your department evaluations, you must contact Lisa Fugina in the Testing Center at 229-6388 the semester prior to implementation.

Evaluation Report OptionsProcessing of individual course evaluation questionnaires as well as those questionnaires used for other instructional purposes are provided at no charge. Departmental evaluations and any other questionnaires involving large numbers of separate sections may require two or more weeks to process. Also, at the end of the semester, all examinations are processed before any course evaluation processing is completed. There will be a nominal charge for processing of questionnaires not used for evaluation of instruction.

Data Quality: The instructor is responsible for ensuring that students properly fill out their questionnaires. Testing staff will only correct those errors which prevent an answer sheet from being read by the scanner. Other errors such as multiple marks for a single question will not be corrected.

Reporting Options:
Departments may request statistical output that includes mean, median, mode, standard deviation and frequencies of responses. Reports can include data for instructor assessment and aggregate reports for an entire departmental assessment. The special code field is used to identify the course and instructor. If an instructor teaches more than one course during the same semester, departments must include this data in the course number and special codes fields.

Special Codes and ID Columns: The ID columns of the answer sheet in addition to the special codes fields may be used as identifiers for course and instructor. For example, it is possible to have the data analyzed by course or section of a course as well as by instructor (or teaching assistant) across courses. If an instructor teaches more than one course the same semester, departments must include this data in the course number and special codes fields.

Evaluation Scanning and Reporting FormThis form must be filled out completely in order to request evaluation processing services. Print this form and include it when dropping off your evaluations. Forms are also available in the Testing Center.

See the Evaluation Processing Request Form .

Ordering Answer Sheets

Scantron answer sheets for machine processing are obtained from the Testing Center.

  • Exam answer sheets (blue) cost 32.00/ pack of 500
  • Evaluation answer sheets (green) cost 25.00/ pack of 500
  • Survey answer sheets cost 25.00/ pack of 500
To place an order, fill out the online order form or call 229-4689.

A Direct Billing Authorization Form must be on file to place an order. Click here to obtain a form or call the Business office at 414-229-6046.