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Exam Scoring and Services

Exam Scanning and Scoring Policy The UW-Milwaukee Testing Center provides machine-scanning services for classroom exams. Standard scannable forms can accommodate up to 200 questions with 5 possible answer choices. Standard reports include student test score rosters and test statistics for the group such as standard deviation, difficulty factor, average score, median score, highest score, lowest score and number of respondents. Exam data is also available in a ASCII or D2L file format. Exam scoring results are posted via Test Center Pantherfile storage.

There is a 24-hour turn around time for all exams during regular semester hours. During Final Exam Processing hours, the exam turn around time is 4 hours. Please plan accordingly.

Keep in mind that the Testing Center staff may be required to do some editing of your sheets. However, jobs that are improperly prepared will cause delay to other users of our service, and will be returned for corrections.

It would be helpful for our staff if you would remember your job number, as it will be easier to locate when picked up.

Exams that are not picked up from the Testing Center within a month of the processing date will be shredded.

We will do our best to complete your job in the stated turn around time. Your compliance with these guidelines will help our office meet our standard of providing quality service.

If you should have any questions, please contact Lisa Fugina at 414 229-6388.

Format for Requesting Exam Scoring ServicesIn order to ensure quick and accurate results of your exam-scoring request the following format must be followed:

Exam Scoring Request Form: The job must be accompanied by an exam scoring request form; links to copies of these forms can be found below. This form must be filled out with the proper department information, a phone number of someone who can be reached, how the results should be processed and the type of reports requested. One copy per report will be provided.

Key Sheet: All exams require a key sheet. This sheet must have the correct answers filled in.
  • Darken in the circles for each correct answer. Make sure that all marks are dark and completely fill the circles. 
  • Write "key” and the professor's name in the Name Field. Do not darken the circles.
Answer Sheets: Student names should be filled in the Name field and the student ID number should be in the Identification Field. If you are using D2L the student identification number must be filled in.
  • Answer sheets must be filled out with a #2 pencil in order to be read by the scanner. 
  • Answer sheets filled out in ink will not receive results.
  • Do not make marks along the left hand edge or the bottom of the sheet. 
  • Face all answer sheets in the same direction. 
  • Do not fold, bend, or staple the sheets. Keep the sheets flat and dry. 
  • Creased or wrinkled answer sheets may not be scannable.
Multiple Sections: If you have a multiple section test, where you have two keys and two versions of the same test given to students, keep both sections in separate envelopes. When you check in your exam, indicate on the Exam Scoring Request form that you have two sections. Both sections will produce separate reports.

Please be advised, job requests that do not adhere to this format will be returned for proper correction before scanning. If corrections need to made to a job request it may slow down the scanning process and cause a longer turnaround time.

The Testing Center is happy to serve you and will make every effort to meet your needs. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member in the Testing Center and we will be glad to assist you.

Note: The Testing Center is not responsible for any material dropped off other than exam answer sheets and keys. Answer sheets that are not picked up from the Testing Center two weeks after the end of the current semester will be shredded.

Exam Drop OffExams may be dropped off at the Testing Center. Fill out an exam scoring request form when you arrive; links to copies of these forms are below. The front desk staff will log your exam and assign a job number. Please note your job number, since exams are logged, scanned and filed by this number.

If you are unable to get to the Testing Center during office hours, you may use the drop box off the south east parking lot of Mellencamp Hall. Put your exam in an inter-campus* envelope and write "Attn: Testing Center." The Testing Center will log your exam the following morning and will contact you when it is ready for pick up. *We have special Ty-Vek envelopes; please request one at the front desk.

You must come in person or send an authorized representative to pick up the exam scan tron sheets. Come to the front desk during business hours and give the staff member your job number. We do not send exams materials through inter-campus mail as that compromises test security. Your exam results will be placed in your folder on our Pantherfile. Remember to sign the log to record when the exam was picked up.

Exam Report Options and ExamplesOur software, Remark Classic, has many key features and capabilities:
  • Quickly scores tests of varying length and format 
  • Easily accommodates up to 200 questions per test 
  • Powerful scoring and analysis capability 
  • Assign a different weight value to each question (1-99). Weight values are used to calculate the raw score and all related statistics 
  • Supports multiple correct answers per question 
  • Easily exports score data to other software such as D2L, gradebook programs and Excel
Remark Classic has eight statistical reports available:

Condensed Item Analysis
Student Grade Report
Condensed Test Report
Test Item Statics report
Test Statistics Report
Detailed Item Analysis Report
Class Frequency Distribution Report
Student Statistics Report

ASCII file

Name, ID, raw score (D2L compatible)
Name, ID, total score, responses, special codes, # correct5, percentile, percent score

Exam Scoring Request FormThis form must be filled out completely in order to request exam processing services. Print this form and include it when dropping off your exam. Forms are also available in the Testing Center. 

Exam Processing Request Form 

Ordering Answer SheetsScantron answer sheets for machine processing are obtained from the Testing Center.
  • Exam answer sheets (fuschia) cost 32.00/ pack of 500
  • Evaluation answer sheets (green) cost 25.00/ pack of 500
  • Survey answer sheets cost 25.00/ pack of 500
To place an order, fill out the online order form or call 229-4689.

A Direct Billing Authorization Form must be on file to place an order. Click here to obtain a form or call the Business office at 414-229-6046.

Instructions for Setting Up Your PantherFile Exam Results Folder An introductory email will be sent to you providing access to your individual exam results folder and giving you the option to set up your subscription. For example, see Step 1 in the PDF below.

Your exam results folder in Pantherfile is part of the Testing Center’s allocation; and the old results must be periodically removed to recover storage space. Your files will remain stored in Pantherfile for at least one year after they are initially posted. You are encouraged to make copies of your exam reports to your own storage location if longer retention is desired.

In addition, you may wish to share this folder with other parties who need access to the data such as teaching assistants. Or you may want to set up a sub folder for each TA. It will be your responsibility to notify these parties either by sharing the data with them or giving them permission to access the folder.