Sharing knowledge, and growing knowledge

The ability to discover new and existing knowledge in the area of refugee-related education is beneficial to the overall community, and also to the human services that provide refugee assistance and education. Providing an opportunity to share and access the research provides innumerable resources and support that will improve current practices and inspire new perspectives and action. Therefore, REISC prides itself in providing not only market research, but also research and useful resources that impact its current programs and practices.

Below are a listing of resources and research in the area of refugee integration.


Community Resources/Events

Holiday Activities in the Community 


Refugee Resources

Refugee, Immigrant and Limited English Proficiency Resource Directory

Refugee Guidebook

Free/Reduced Clothing (Milwaukee Area)

OnTheGo English Literacy

Infant Literacy

Pre-School Literacy


Refugee Research

Wisconsin Refugees

Linking Popular Education & Community Based Participatory Action Research

Refugee Resettlement in Metropolitan America

Hmong Teachers Life Experiences & Teaching Perspectives

Working with Immigrant and Refugee Populations: Issues and Hmong Case Study