Providing educational opportunities to advance learning

REISC, in collaboration with their partners, allows community members, community-serving agents and agencies to explore training and services available to assist in growing their capacity to serve refugee/immigrant communities. Training areas cover: refugee parent education, community capacity building, evaluation of service providers and educators, and mental health well-being such as domestic violence prevention and intervention.

Please see below for a listing of available trainings:



Refugee Parent Mentor Training Program
This training aims to facilitate the development of the leadership and capacities of representatives from refugee serving agencies, refugee community groups, and other nonprofit agencies to serve the refugee education needs of refugee parents. The program offers an educational experience that provides guidance and instruction in the theory and practice of refugee parent education and includes interactive discussions on real life applications, stories, video excerpts, and innovative practices on parental engagement.

For more information please contact:

Elvira Asuncion              Dr. Kalyani Rai
414-227-3166                414-227-3271
asuncion@uwm.edu      kalyanir@uwm.edu



African Diaspora Math Literacy Project
The ADP Math Literacy Project aims to teach math in a way that helps students more clearly understand their lives in relationship to their surroundings. It uses the peer-to-peer teaching model that allows for college and high school students to be trained in a math and social justice curriculum and teach younger children math skills that are innovative and fun. The ultimate goal is to develop and help students ages 8-22 from traditionally marginalized populations to become competent learners, teachers, leaders, and organizers through math, community-building, and advocacy in order to build a unique network of young people who are better equipped to navigate through life’s circumstances and advocate for education reform in America.

For more information please contact:

Paulette Bangura



Sib Pab Ciaj Vaj Program
The Sib Pab Ciaj Vaj program is culturally and linguistically designed to provide opportunities for Hmong American men to LEARN by educating individuals and systems about the concept of healthy manhood and men's role in ending violence against women, to LEAD by building capacity for leadership for men to "call out" other men; and to MOBILIZE by engaging men in raising awareness through collective actions. 

For more information please contact:

Pa Vang

Literacy for Life

Home-based ESL/Literacy

The goal of the program is to provide in-home, immediate pre-ESL conversational English training and support for newly arrived refugees and their families who are resettling in and around the Milwaukee area. Pre-ESL conversational English training will allow participants to access and navigate resources necessary for maintaining their daily well-being. The program’s focus areas will be determined in collaboration with the refugee learners’ feedback in order to best meet and serve their learning needs.

For more information please contact:

Tammie Xiong