University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Overview of Clients

The Interactive Reporting service offers three distinct clients to allow users to create and/or run queries. Each client has different levels of functionality and different levels of installation complexity. Interactive Reporting users should use this document to determine the best client option for their situations. 

  HTML Web Plug-In Studio
Run a Query YES YES YES
Set Limits/Filters on Queries YES YES YES
Filter Results YES YES YES
Export Results YES YES YES
Design Query with Existing Data Model YES YES YES
Create a Data Model NO YES YES
Save Query to Local Disk NO YES YES
Publish Query to Repository NO YES NO
Control Access to Query with Privileges YES YES NO
Query More than One Database NO NO YES
Installation None! Simple Browser Plug-In Requires Oracle Client

Which Client Should I Use?

The Web Plug-In is the recommended client for UWM Query Library Users.

The standalone (non-Web based) Studio client is only suitable for users that have a collection of queries stored outside of the Query Library. The Studio client requires installation of the Oracle Client (contact UWM Help Desk), UWM tnsnames.ora, and Hyperion Open Catalog Extensions (oces)

(From: UW-Madison Help Desk Documentation,