University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Getting Started - Run or View Reports

I want to view or run queries that have been published in the Query Library

The List of Query Library Reports gives a description, location and authorization needed for Campus-Wide reports in the Query Library.

All reports in the Query Library require membership in the Query Library - General Access group which is requested through the Auth App. Once the authorization request is processed, you will receive instructions on how to install the Hyperion plug-in software needed to access the Query Library. You may need to contact your IT staff for assistance.

Once the software is installed you will have access to the Query Library and any reports within that require only QL General Access authorization. This includes summary reports such as Class Tallies and Comparison of Enrollments to Date that are available to all faculty and staff on campus.

Some Query Library reports require authorization in addition to QL-General Access. Those that require authorization requested outside of the Auth App are:

  • HRS reports: Access to HRS reports is granted by HRS Security personnel. The contact information appears in the List of Available Reports.
  • Reports in Unit folders: Access to reports in Unit folders is granted by the Unit Admin. The contact information appears in the List of Available Reports.