University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Getting Started - Basic Report Writing

I just want to write a simple query occasionally

One way to do this is to use the Hyperion plug-in. Request membership in the Query Library - General Access group which is requested through the Auth App. Once the authorization request is processed, you will receive instructions on how to install the Hyperion plug-in software needed to access the Query Library. You may need to contact your IT staff for assistance. Once the software is installed you will have access to the Query Library.

Data authorization - you will need to request authorization for the data that you wish to access with queries that you write. For the Student Data Warehouse, you will be requesting membership in groups for the Data Warehouse - PAWS Student Admin System. For information about the authorization groups for query writing check the Student Data Warehouse Access Groups list.
For other data (e.g. HRS, WISDM, etc.), you will need to follow their authorization process.

Data Models/Oces can be found in the About the Query Library/Data Models folder on the Query Library.

Check the Training and Support page for software and data training and links for support: your Campus Report Rep and WeRit.

The benefit to this option is no further software needs to be installed and maintained on your computer.