University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Oracle EPM (Hyperion) Software

Hyperion (Oracle EPM ) Software Options. Two versions of this reporting software are available:

  • The Interactive Reporting Web client (Query Library plugin or Hyperion plugin) is recommended for the majority of campus data users. Installation of this web plugin allows individuals the ability to process queries published to the Work Space (Query Library), and create simple ad hoc queries to meet data needs.
  • The Interactive Reporting Studio (pc desktop client or Hyperion client) is recommended for those individuals who will be creating dashboards and advanced queries. Installation of the client requires installation of the Oracle client, current tnsnames.ora file, and Hyperion oce files (see below).

Overview of Clients provides a side-by-side table of each component of Interactive Reporting.

Software access is provided after completion of the Authentication Application.

Required installs for Interactive Reporting Studio (pc desktop client):

Oracle client. Contact your IT person or the UWM Help Desk (4040) for installation.

Oracle tnsnames.ora. Contact your IT person for help with selecting and downloading this file.

Hyperion oce files. There are several oce files that connect to different warehouses.

Map the WeRit Drive

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