University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Hyperion Open Catalog Extensions (.oces)

Open Catalog Extension files (OCE files) store information used to connect Hyperion applications to a database. Individuals using the Hyperion client will need these files on their PCs to access warehouse data.

To that end, select the appropriate OCE file(s) and save to the Open Catalog Extensions folder on your PC. This folder is usually found at:
C:\oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\biplus\data\Open Catalog Extensions
If you have not followed the standard instructions for installing the Hyperion client, your location may vary.

Using Internet Explorer, left click file and save to Open Catalog Extensions folder.
Using Firefox, right click file and 'save link as' to Open Catalog Extensions folder.

PAWS Student Data Warehouse oces:

MIL_RDS.oce (connects production data)

            (connects to History records module, 1984-present)  ** revised 11/05/2013 **

MIL_RDS_All.oce (connects to production and History records module)

MIL_RDS_Test.oce (connects to test data)

MIL_RDS_Hist_Test.oce (connects to History test data)  ** revised 11/05/2013 **

Other Data Warehouse oces:

MIL_HRS_EPM.oce (connects to HRS (EPM) Data Warehouse)

MIL_Wisdm.oce (connects to Wisdm Data Warehouse)

MIL_Infoaccess.oce (connects to InfoAccess Data Warehouse)

You will need to have appropriate authorization for any data you wish to access. Check the Data and Authorization section for more information.