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The process of creating knowledge is at the center of economic and social vitality. It’s also a key part of UWM’s mission as one of only two public research universities in Wisconsin.

Offering the largest number of doctoral degree programs in the metro area, UWM is training the next generation of innovators, while also working to take our discoveries to the marketplace.

By the numbers
$59 million in research expenditures in 2011-12
3 startup companies launched from UWM research
15 license agreements on UWM patents
33 doctoral and 53 masters degree programs
24 Distinguished Professors

Serious Academics

Graduate Programs
From the international search for gravitational waves to the formation of public water policy, join expert faculty in exploring some of the most talk-about research today.
Undergraduate Research
Pick a faculty mentor and get started applying all that classroom knowledge.

Research Connections

UWM Research Foundation
As the manager of UWM intellectual property, the UWMRF also stimulates research funding and facilitates corporate research-based partnerships. View the Research Foundation Annual Report
Office of Research
Industry Ties
To accelerate discovery, UWM has formed alliances to strengthen the area’s industry clusters.

Read About Our Research

[Photo] - Research Report Cover
Annual Research Magazine
The year’s most intriguing ideas and faculty stars come to life in this collection of articles from across campus.
Research News Wire

Keep up with the latest news, coverage and video from UWM’s research endeavors.

Experts Directory

Distinguished Professors

UWM Distinguished Professors

With remarkable productivity and international reputations, these faculty are recognized leaders in their respective fields.

We’re expanding our footprint
and our capabilities

UWM is expanding beyond its 104-acre Kenwood campus. Campus expansion plans now underway will provide research and academic space to put more UWM faculty, scientists and students to work near areas of need, and next door to our industry and community partners. More information

A network of UWM centers, institutes and laboratories help translate discovery into practice. They act as points of expertise that attract other scholars, the public and the private sector, both in Milwaukee and nationwide.

Innovation Park
Kenwood Integrated Research Complex
Northwest Quadrant
Zilber School of Public Health
School of Freshwater Sciences