Application Information

The Program Director for 2013 is Dr Robert Wood of the Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Please feel free to contact the Program Director for further information.

The Teacher Mentor for 2013 is Michele Huppert, Spring Valley Middle School, working with Professor Shangping Xu (Department of Geosciences).  Please feel free to contact the Teacher Mentor for further information.

Please note that though  the Program Director and the Teacher Mentor  can offer advice to applicants, they MAY NOT AND CANNOT speculate on the probability that a particular applicant will be successful.  No application will be successful without the full endorsement of the proposed faculty mentor.

Who may apply? 

1) You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident in the US.

2) You must be currently resident in the State of Wisconsin. We regret that we cannot accept applications from out of state.

You must also be EITHER:

3)  A state certified science teacher currently working in a middle or a high school in the State of Wisconsin.  We regret that we cannot accept applications from uncertified working teachers (see below concerning student applicants) , and we cannot accept applications from elementary school teachers.


4) A student in a recognized certification program in an academic institution in the State of Wisconsin.  We cannot accept applications from applicants who are preparing to teach in elementary education.

5)  If you have previously participated in this program, you may re-apply, but this year we are especially interested in recruiting interns with no previous experience of RET.  We shall therefore give first offers to qualified applicants who have not previously participated in this program. 

What is available?

Note that there are that there are TWO distinct programs:  please apply for one of these.

1) The six week SUMMER program, which runs for six weeks from late June through early August 2013 (exact dates will be announced shortly).  RET is a full time commitment during this period, based on a 40 hour week.  Accommodation will be provided (costs covered by the program) for successful applicants who do not live within reasonable commuting distance of the campus.  Interns in the 13/14 cycle of the program will be paid a stipend of $9,600, split into three installments:  two of these are each $3,500, paid (by check mailed to your home address) about midway through and just after the end of the summer program; and the third and final installment of $2,600 is payable in 2014 upon implementation of the teaching project you developed during the program and in-person presentation at EITHER a regional/national meeting (such as an AAPT meeting) OR the WSST annual meeting (in spring 2014).  Costs for registering and attending meetings are covered by the program.  $1500 is also available for RET interns to buy materials to construct and implement the teaching project they will take back to their schools.

2)  The year-round program, which runs in the fall of 13 and spring of 14, and requires a commitment for some evenings during the week;  this is associated exclusively with the Arecibo Remote Command and Control (ARCC) project at UWM. Only applicants who live a reasonable commuting distance from the UWM campus should apply for this program. Interns in the year-round program 13/14 will be paid a stipend of $9600 in six equal monthly installments of $1600 each during the fall and spring; they are also expected to present at a national or regional meeting, or at WSST; meetings costs are covered by the program.  Travel funds are also available for visits to facilities such as the National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Greenback, WV.

How do I choose which program to apply for, and how do I choose a faculty mentor/project?

View (you may also download and print) the summary of Faculty Mentors and their projects available for the 2013 program that you will find at the link at bottom of this page.  This summary includes details about the summer and the year-round RET programs and contact information for faculty mentors available this year.  Please do not hesitate to contact faculty mentors or the program director (Dr R Wood) for more information.

How do I  apply  to the program?

1) Download and print the application form that you will find at the link at the bottom of this page.  Fill this out carefully and return it in the mail to the program director, Dr R Wood (mailing address provided with the form).

2)  Arrange for a letter of support from your principal/academic advisor to be sent by mail DIRECTLY to Dr R Wood.  Note carefully the instructions about letters of support included with the application form, and make sure these are passed to your principal (for working, certified teachers) or academic advisor (for students enrolled in a certification program).  Vague letters of support which fail to address specifics (see application form, pages 9 and 10) are very unhelpful.

Click on the links for:

Faculty Mentors/projects for 2013

Application form