Application Information

The Program Director is Dr Robert Wood who is the Associate Chair of the Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Please feel free to contact the Program Director for further information.

If the renewal program is funded, we hope to begin recruiting new RET interns in late 2014.

Application information will be posted here if the program funding is renewed.


Who may apply? 

1) You must be a US citizen or a permanent resident in the US.

2) You must be currently resident in the State of Wisconsin. We regret that we cannot accept applications from out of state.

You must also be EITHER:

3)  A state certified science teacher currently working in a middle or a high school in the State of Wisconsin.  We regret that we cannot accept applications from uncertified working teachers (see below concerning student applicants) , and we cannot accept applications from elementary school teachers.


4) A student in a recognized certification program in an academic institution in the State of Wisconsin.  We cannot accept applications from applicants who are preparing to teach in elementary education.

5)  If you have previously participated in this program, you may re-apply, but this year we are especially interested in recruiting interns with no previous experience of RET.  We shall therefore give first offers to qualified applicants who have not previously participated in this program.