DVD: The 40th ACT: The Origins of the Roberto Hernández Center -

The Chapman Hall Takeover and the Creation of the Spanish Speaking Outreach Institute

Color, Approximate Run-Time: 18 minutes, © 2010

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On August 27, 1970, the Latino community converged to peacefully make a statement: the lack of access to higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The takeover of Chapman Hall led to the creation of the Spanish  Speaking Outreach Institute (SSOI), now known as the Roberto Hernández Center (RHC).  On September 18, 2010, the RHC hosted a banquet commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Chapman Hall Takeover, also known as the 40th ACT. This videodocumentary highlights collective stories of those that peacefully fought for the right to an education: Jesús Salas, Ernesto Chacón, Graciela de la Cruz, and Dante Navarro, along with other keypeople that continue to advocate for the education of Latinos today.


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