Enrique E. Figueroa, Ph.D., Director

Phone: 414.229.3651

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Carlos J. Rivera-Jiménez, Student Services Program Associate

Phone: 414.229.6156


Carlos J. Rivera-Jimenez joined the staff at Roberto Hernandez Center as a Program Associate in the Fall of 2012. Carlos graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning with a master’s degree in architecture with a focus on civic development. Carlos also graduated from the Public Allies Non-profit Leadership Program in 2012, in which he acquired many skills that will increase capacity in his involvement with the Roberto Hernandez Center.


Gabriela Dorantes, Academic Advisor

Serving students with last names A-L
Phone: 414.229.6931


A Milwaukee native, Gabriela joined the staff of the Roberto Hernández Center in March 2014. After receiving her Bachelors degree in Communications and Spanish from Marquette University in 2010 she spent two years working as an office assistant. During that time she graduated from Class VIII of the Latino Nonprofit Leadership Program.

Gabriela has a passion for assisting in the advancement of the Latino community in Milwaukee and is involved with many area organizations that promote peace, awareness and progress. With a special interest in student affairs and a background in nonprofit work, she is excited to build the RHC’s presence in the Milwaukee community while working to ensure Latino student success at UWM.

In addition, Gabriela brings a special understanding of cultural identity from her Mexican-German background and experiences living and working in México. She holds dual-citizenship with México and USA and is energized by the diversity within the Latino heritage.

If you need anything at all please e-mail, call or stop by!



Olivia Navarro, Academic Advisor

Serving students with last names M-Z
Phone: 414.229.2864

Olivia Navarro is a Mexican native and moved to Green Bay in the year 2000, when she started high school education. She is the youngest out of eight siblings and the first one in her family to attend college.

In 2008 she graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a degree in Secondary Education (Spanish/ESL/Bilingual). She earned a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology in 2011 from UW-Milwaukee. Olivia began her professional career as a high school counselor at the Delavan-Darien School District, where she worked for three years.

Ms. Navarro enjoys traveling around the world, meeting new people, and learning about other cultures. She traveled abroad including Japan, Spain, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. As an alumna of Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority, Inc., a community service-based sorority, she spends much of her time volunteering. She has done some volunteer work through the Boys and Girls Club, AIDS Walk, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, Spanish interpreting, St. Willebrord Catholic Church, food pantries, Casa Alba, etc.

TBA, Latino Nonprofit Leadership Program Coordinator

Phone: 414.229.3663

Luis Carlos Saavedra, Outreach SpecialistLuis Carlos Saavedra
Phone: 414.229.3663

Luis Carlos Saavedra joined the staff of the Roberto Hernández Center in February 2009. Luis graduated from UWM with a Bachelor of Science in Education in 2004. He also participated in the Latino Nonprofit Leadership Program in 2006. In addition, Luis has a background in creating youth programs, and combining social service agency and public school district efforts to engage the community. Luis is a lifetime member of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc., and serves as the advisor to the campus student organization. Luis is currently serving a second term as the president of the Latino Alumni Chapter of the UWM Alumni Association.. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Sport Management. Luis enjoys serving the community and engaging others in good causes. If you have any ideas for UWM collaboration in the community, feel free to contact him.