AHORA! Latin Dance OrganizationAhora

Office Location: Union 363, 414-229-5780

Acting-President: Ebony Kirkendoll – kirkend5@uwm.edu

Outreach Specialist: Lenae Fahrenbruch – lhf@uwm.edu

Contact Information: ahoraldo@gmail.com or  1-414-322-6291

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ahora-Latin-Dance-Organization/142216799204727

Website:  https://orgsync.com/32158/chapter

Purpose: To unite those whose passion is Latin dance and its culture. Ahora! emphasizes learning the history and methods of movement, practicing, and exhibiting a variety of Latin dances.

Mission: AHORA!'s mission is to share Latin dances with its members. Latin dance is not just one genre, but several. Some are more well-known than others, but AHORA! wants to share as many as possible.

AHORA!envisions members to participate in events that are of their interest. Latin dance is a broad spectrum that we are open to. Our members come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, but all share a passion for dancing and the Latin culture. There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.25 and a semester fee.




Brazilian Cultural ClubBrazilianClub

Public Contact Officer:   Bruna Paradelo-Garcia, (414) 534-2306,bruna@uwm.edu

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BCCatUWM

Purpose:To promote Brazilian Cultural and Educational awareness, and promote activities and entertainment to the UWM community.

Activities:Our activities include social functions, dance and music courses, lectures, and presentations.



Gamma Alpha Omega SororityGamma Alpha Omega

Public Contact Officer: Yashiria Morales, boricuayg@yahoo.com

Group email: mu@gammaalphaomega.com

Purpose:To focus on providing support, mentorship and guidance of women as a Latina based community service organization. We are an environment which brings about a unique and worthwhile part of the university.

Activities: Planning and attending various on and off campus activities such as AIDS Walk WI, Milwaukee Fiesta Mexicana, Por la Gente Basketball tournaments and various others. Our activities entail long and short term community group and individual responsibilities.


Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee [HPGM]HPGM

Fátima Sierra (president), fsierra@uwm.edu

Connie Vargas (vice-president) cavargas@uwm.edu

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to help Hispanic college students create a roadmap to complete their degrees, secure strong full-time employment, and launch a promising professional career with a wide array of professional networks. On-campus meetings will allow students to stay connected and informed about ongoing HPGM events. All HPGM members are allowed to recruit and encourage others to participate, while providing ideas and feedback regarding the programs we have.



Latino Student UnionLSU

Office Location: Union 395


President: Beatris DeLeon

Vice President: Elizabeth DeLeon, Email: edeleon@uwm.edu

Treasurer: Eric Corona

Secretary: Abigail Gonzalez, Phone Number: (414) 243-8091, Email: gonza388@uwm.edu


Group email: lsuatuwm@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lsu.uwm?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Purpose: LSU is a student based organization dedicated to creating a positive Latino voice on campus and in the community. As a group, we are focused on the educational advancement of all students and thus encourage cultural awareness, political activism, fellowship, leadership development and coalition building amongst other organizations on campus and in the community.

Activities: Activities include a cultural, social, service and political newsletter, and fundraising. We have cultural events, annual Festival Latino, along with collaboration with other organizations.


Omega Delta Phi International Fraternity Inc.Omega Delta Phi

Office Location: Union 385 A

Public Contact Officer: Victor Hernandez, (414) 921-8094, herna239@uwm.edu

Email: alphazeta.midwest@gmail.com

Purpose: Our mission is to graduate our members and serve the community. We want to build leaders and promote cultural awareness. To help any man in his time of need.

Activities: Our events consist of community service in the community and around campus.



Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersSHPE

Office Location: EMS E371Y

Public Contact Officer: Elsy Godinez, (773) 641-8497, godinez@uwm.edu

Email: shpe@uwm.edu


Purpose: “SHPE is the source for quality Hispanic Engineers and Technical Talent”. The leading social and technical organization, whose primary function is to enhance and achieve the potential of Hispanics in engineering, math, and science.



YES! Youth Empowered in the Struggle - UWM


President: Oscar Hernandez, (414) 400-1134, , herna269@uwm.edu
 Vice-President: Yoselin Colorado (262) 374-9043, yoselin@uwm.edu


Purpose: “YES!” is a youth-led, multiracial social justice group that struggles for student, immigrant and workers’ rights.

Activities: YES! Organizes rallies, protests, meeting, fund raisers and informs our communities on issues regarding workers, students, and immigrant rights.



Zeta Sigma Chi – Multicultural Sorority, Inc.ZetaSigmaChi

President: Keaunis Grant, (865) 591-8206, grantk@uwm.edu

Vice President: Biltu Maylot, (608) 772-9853, bhamda@uwm.edu

Website:  http://www.zetasigmachi.com

Purpose: Zeta Sigma Chi - Multicultural Sorority, Inc. is a national sisterhood that aspires to create true, lifelong friendships among women of diverse heritages while upholding the values of our 8 founding mothers. Our principles are Education, Success, Culture, Service and Sisterhood.

Activities:Sponsoring cultural events and providing community service .