Beverly Belfer

Beverly is a senior lecturer in Peck School of the Arts Music Department, teaching guitar. She has taught at UW-Milwaukee for 29 years and estimates she has taught over 13,000 students. Ms. Belfer earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Milwaukee Downer College, her MS in Music Education from UW-Milwaukee, and her PhD in Education from International University for Graduate Studies. Ms. Belfer has also taught at Parkside and Concordia, as well as other programs within UW-Milwaukee.

As noted by the nominator, Ms. Belfer takes personal time helping all students who suffer with pain, helping them adjust positions. She also allows individuals access to “all or any of her other classes to promote success.” Ms. Belfer spends extra time helping those who struggle and she is ‘motivating.’

Discussing her work, she says, “I would like to think that I have been successful in reaching so many students because of my patience. Patience is so essential in creating a safe space in which students feel they have time to apply themselves to the tasks that are set by the instructor. Instilling confidence is contagious; if one communicates confidently … then some of that might just rub off.”